A Guide to Disposable Electronic Cigarettes


disposableecigPeople that have a desire to smoke electronic cigarettes, or E-cigarettes often do so because they used to smoke regular nicotine cigarettes and they have since tried to quit or because they have a desire to smoke but they are trying to stay away from the traditional types of cigarettes. As a result, many people have an opinion about disposable E-cigarettes versus E-cigarette starter kits. Some people prefer one or the other. Sometimes this is purely for personal reasons and other times it is due to the overall cost of starter kits or disposable E-cigarettes. In some cases it may be due to the availability, or lack thereof, of one or the other.
For people who are simply considering smoking E-cigarettes it is usually a good idea to start with disposable E-cigarettes as opposed to an E-cigarette starter kit. Starter kits are generally more expensive with regard to the initial purchase and for an individual that is not yet sure if he or she wants to smoke E-cigarettes on a long-term basis, it may be more cost effective to simply purchase a disposable E-cigarette and try it out. In addition, disposable E-cigarettes are typically more readily available and can often be purchased in virtually any convenience store.
Having said that, E-cigarette starter kits are definitely the way to go for anyone who wants to smoke E-cigarettes on a long-term basis or who smokes rather heavily. While the initial investment is slightly more expensive than purchasing a disposable E-cigarette, the cost quickly balances out for any individual that smokes on a regular basis. It simply is not a cost effective option for someone that smokes often to purchase disposable E-cigarettes every time that the cartridge or the battery runs out. Starter kits have rechargeable batteries and often come with a spare battery as part of the kit. In addition, there are many starter kits available that provide additional cartridges that are included with the cost of the starter kit purchase. This allows people to try out different flavors with the various cartridges and also allows the individual in question to purchase their own cartridges and change them out periodically. While these starter kits are not as readily available as disposable E-cigarettes, they can be easily found in many of the stores that cater to electronic cigarette users.